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Crete Rent A Car - Personal Experience 2022

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Crete Rent A Car - Car rental on the island of Crete

Car rental in Crete is, in my opinion, an integral part of your trip. All because there are a lot of different, chic places in Crete, excellent roads and a huge selection of cars. About everything, in more detail, below!

And so you buy a ticket or a ticket and look at the sights, then you start looking for excursions. Of course, car rental in Crete is not interesting to everyone, some tourists just like to lie down, some like not to sweat and stupidly move with a crowd of grandmothers. If you are one of the previously mentioned, then you can close the page and not read further.

This story is for active, energetic, curious and direct people who love to wander around different, stunning places and stop wherever they want on the way!

Let's go! The first one! Places!

There are plenty of places here, I will not mention the well-known as: Balos Bay, Elafonisi beach or the cozy town of Rethymno! Everyone knows this and has been doing it for a long time! Here, renting a car in Crete will lead you to waterfalls, gorges, along which you drive and almost touch the mirrors on both sides of the mountains. Beaches where there is no one. Taverns where no tourist has set foot, caves without people, bird's-eye views and many different, chic places that the tourist guide will not tell you about.

The second! Convenient!

The fact is that in Crete, it's very hot in the summer, but imagine you're a family, with trunks and drove into the gorge! Yes, whatever it is necessary! You score in Google car rental in Crete, book, arrive, the car is already waiting for you, sat down, turned on the air conditioner and go! Don't worry, everything is like all over the world, signs and stuff, signs are all in English and it's not difficult to figure it out. At the very least, download offline maps and go ahead, well, or buy a local SIM card and use a mobile navigator. Comfortable? Convenient!

Third! Quickly!

Many people think that the islands are small, like we'll walk there and see everything, but in fact it turns out differently, distances, mountains and you're tired…

I planned the route by car and drove! All the sights are waiting for you with impatience at the time that is convenient for you! There are practically no traffic jams here, only in the center of settlements sometimes.

Next, I want to tell you about the nuances of car rental in Crete

Don't take cars from guides! It will be firewood anyway, if you're lucky, then with insurance. As a rule, many guides try to sell everything in a row and excursions and car rental with which they receive a commission and other shit. In short, I do not recommend contacting the guides, I have been hooked by them several times myself. Don't repeat my mistakes.

Do not take from global aggregators like AVIS, HERTZ, it's expensive and they will block money on the card from 500 to 1500 euros, they do not give without a card. They write the minimum price to entice the client, but in fact it will be much more expensive when adding insurance and so on.

They won't give you a car without insurance, always be interested in this moment, whether insurance is included or not, take the maximum insurance, otherwise a mountain goat will jump on the hood and then you will owe at least 300 euros

Next! Important!

Don't be fooled by the low price! Cases of divorce of tourists have been noticed! You take the car, then you return it and they tell you that you have to! T y such for what? And they examine the car under a microscope and charge you 300 euros for each scratch. Car rental in Crete is a popular service and many people fall for the tricks of scammers. A person searches the Internet for a car mobile and gets to an ad in which the price is 7€ well, think for yourself! How can a car rental cost 7€?

In general, look here! Car rental in Crete prices:

The minimum cost for renting for more than 15 days will be at least 40 € per day, but you need to look for it, and the car will not be new

When renting for a day, you pay more, prices start approximately from 65 € per day

It is best to rent a car from local companies, there are many different ones, here are a few picked up




The New Crete

Having studied the information of all these car rental companies in Crete as much as possible, I recommend Luxtranscrete.

Because they offer excellent conditions for the delivery of cars throughout the island.

They have the most pleasant insurance conditions

Prices are lower than competitors, but the minimum rental period is 3 days

A lot of cars

All cars are fresh, for me personally this is a big plus, because I would not like to spoil my vacation with a wreck

I think these advantages are enough to make an objective assessment and conclusions

What's on the roads - Car rental in Crete

Everything is the same on the roads everywhere, but in general I felt freer because there are practically no police on the roads, so that a policeman would stop you, you need to try to find him and turn a bend. As for the cameras, they are there, some even work, but there are two warning signs in front of each one. So you won't miss.

Parking - Car rental in Crete

With parking, everything is sad, an hour costs from 4,50 € in the parking season, the parking is crowded, the penalty for not parking correctly is 40 €. It's better to park further away and take a walk, this crown like I'm a tourist sori won't get through. Photo fine and goodbye 40€

I tried to tell everything to the maximum, if you have any questions, then write in the comments or in the telegram group. Thanks for your attention

P.S. And take a USB stick with music with you, the radio doesn't catch everywhere, and it's much more pleasant to turn the steering wheel with your favorite music. Not a nail not a rod dear friend!

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