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Flying Dresses Photographer Crete Santorini

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Santorini Island is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Well, photo shoots in flying dress in Santorini are like a business card of the island

I will tell you how to quickly find a good photographer in Santorini who will make your trip unforgettable

First: Where to look for a photographer?

Of course, the first thing we do is go to Instagram or other social networks and type "Photo shoot in a flying dress Santorini" in the search bar. You will find many different offers to your liking. See the photographer's work and write to Yandex. Direct.

Also, do not forget about Google search, because there may also be photographers whose work you will like.

Second: How much does a photo shoot in a flying dress cost in Santorini?

Prices start from 150-300€ per hour of shooting, but I warn you right away, one hour may simply not be enough to get all the known locations into the frame. The best option is a photo shoot in a flying dress in Santorini with a transfer to the best locations of the island. Yes, it is with the transfer, because if you agree to walk, you will get very tired in the heat, get the same background in all photos and do not look at the best locations. About locations is a separate topic for conversation, but the spoiler "Locations in Santorini are not easy to find"

Why shooting with a transfer is an ideal option: you will pass all the best places, you will have time to cool down under the air conditioner, you can change your clothes a couple of times and they will pick you up and bring you back. Such a photo shoot in Santorini in a flying dress costs from 700€

There are also premium package offers of photo tours to Santorini for 1200€ and 2500€. It includes all sorts of drones, sunsets, 360 cameras, videos, cool and unusual locations and much more.

Third: Locations for a photo shoot in Santorini

There are a lot of locations, wherever you look, there is beauty everywhere, but there are basic ones that we will quickly go through. Windmills, blue roofs, stairs to the sky, red and black beach, an ancient lighthouse and of course endless views of the caldera. All locations are scattered around the island, probably so that tourists go everywhere and do not stay in one place. The island is not big, but the traffic can be tedious and you will have to stand in traffic jams from ATVs and tourist buses. But for example, for many years of filming on the island, I know how to be ahead of the tourist flow and not get into the moment when there are crowds of tourists on the locations.

At what time is it better to order a photo shoot in Santorini in a flying dress

In general, the island of Santorini is flooded with the sun during the day, and since everything is white, you can shoot all day, at sunset and dawn naturally, well, for the very sophisticated, you can arrange a shoot when it gets dark, personally I dream of such a shoot because the island is no less beautiful at night and I have a couple of creative ideas for this account).

Well, you understand me, it's better to shoot at any time, the only nuance is that shooting is always more expensive and more difficult at sunset.

How to get a good result after a photo shoot in Santorini in a flying dress
I have been photographing for a long time in Santorini, Mykonos and Crete, during this time a small checklist has been collected
  • Take light clothes of different colors with you

  • Take comfortable shoes if the shoes for shooting are uncomfortable

  • Try not to take anything extra to the location, for this you need a transfer so that everything is at hand but not in your hands)

  • You will have to walk a lot up and down, be prepared for this

  • And of course, use a protective cream to avoid being red as boiled crayfish on the set

Well, that's all in general, I will supplement if possible, well, I didn't forget anything, if you have any questions or have something to add, write to me or write a comment. See you in sunny Greece 🤙


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