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How to make 99+ bright and trending photos in Greece?

Invite a professional photographer who knows all the features and unique aura of each Greek island and can create unique beautiful shots. My name is Artemiy, and I have devoted more than 10 years to photography in Crete, Santorini, Mykonos and other locations in Greece. I try not just to take beautiful photos, but to convey the characteristics of the client's character, his nature and mood in the color of Mediterranean locations. I work as a photographer in Crete, Heraklion and other cities, taking really live, not staged photos.

All types of filming at a professional level

In my portfolio you can see works in all major genres of photography:

  • Wedding photo shoots. We will capture the day of the creation of your family against the background of a memorable or attractive location for you, in the interaction of spouses with each other and with surrounding objects. Also, as a professional wedding photographer in Greece, I will shoot the wedding ceremony and the entertainment part until the very end.

  • Love Story. One of the most popular destinations is when a couple goes on a whole photo tour in Crete or another island to places that are important to her, making romantic shots filled with love and sensuality. You and I can arrange a photo shoot at the same location that is close to you in mood and inspires both of you.

  • Individual photo sessions. You can share the frames on social networks, store them in an album, use them to print poster paintings, etc. You will be pleased just to review the resulting photos from time to time for warm memories of energetic and at the same time relaxed Greece, about your adventures in it and the state that you will live under the freshness of the Mediterranean breeze.

  • Image photos. There are few photographers in Heraklion working in this genre. This direction requires special skill, because it is important in the image and frames to combine your qualities as a person, positioning as a specialist, and the external environment, which will greatly enhance the impression. That's what I do on every shoot. Among the most popular types of such shooting is a photo shoot in a flying dress in Crete.

I live and work in Greece permanently and absolutely legally, participate in commercial shoots for magazines and organize group and individual photo tours. In addition to the main directions, I also do other types of photography:

  • Interior and exterior photos.

  • Family, including children's photo shoots.

  • Subject shooting for advertising.

I will take into account everything: your wishes, images, lighting features on the location and much more. I will teach you how to pose, help you get rid of the feeling of tightness, relax and enjoy the process. Contact us, and many beautiful photos will appear on your cloud storage, on your computer, on social networks, or maybe in a photo album that everyone will fall in love with!

Photographer in Heraklion
Crete Photographer

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